Empower fashion businesses with efficiency, scale, and innovation for accelerated growth.

CGS fosters positive industry change by connecting sustainable innovators and suppliers in apparel and textile design, development, and manufacturing for retailers and fashion brands. We enable fashion businesses to monetise through efficiency and scale while building employee skills and confidence.

Product Life Cycle Roadmap
& Skill Development

In today’s competitive retail landscape, success goes beyond great products. Gain a competitive edge by optimising your product life cycle including supply chain with industry best practices through the CGS Product Life Cycle system, ensuring efficient processes, transparent communication, and timely delivery, allowing your team to thrive and meet financial targets.

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Business Plan &
Growth Strategy

Implement industry best practice processes encompassing the product life cycle to achieve financial targets. Through defining the target customer to understand needs, wants and purchasing motivators we build a product and pricing matrix designed to optimise sales and profit. Includes customer profile, Competitor analysis, Brand SWOT and Seasonal Budget Plan optimising global trends to grow market share.

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Trend Forecasting &
Seasonal Product Plan

Stay abreast of the consumer demands by outlining emerging key silhouettes and design details to build the seasonal colour palette, set the print direction and identify core, volume and fashion silhouettes.

CGS forecasting considers new technologies, popular culture, economy and politics providing the essential direction for the collection, ensuring range appeal and commercial results are met. Eliminates external noise, it considers past performance and enables the buying team to make effective decisions for the collection.

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Range Building &
Assortment Planning

With our approach, range building becomes a strategic exercise, aligning seamlessly with your brand’s vision and business objectives. Revolutionize the way you identify and plan core, volume, and fashion lines.

Seamlessly align your strategies with yearly sales targets and KPIs, as our robust system facilitates collaborative efforts among key stakeholders. By integrating innovative insights and meticulously studying competitor dynamics, we empower your brand to make informed decisions, minimising risks and maximising profitability.

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Product Development
& Commercial Design

CGS excel in setting and optimizing product and pricing hierarchies that seamlessly integrate the latest global fashion trends and sustainability values. Our expertise lies in translating these influences into commercial ranges, ensuring the delivery of value-driven product lines enriched with clear, marketable features and benefits.

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Ethical Sourcing
& Manufacturing

Optimise range development and wholesale costings through direct vendor relationships supporting product range manufacturing in line with the sustainability targets & goals of the organisation. Create transparent supplier relationships to improve profit margins and lead times. Build consciously designed ranges optimising the latest technologies and innovation in fabrication, printing and dying.

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Compliance &
Sustainable Practices

Poised to guide you through factory auditing and compliance requirements. We champion a circular approach, aligning your social, environmental, and economic sustainability goals.

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Supply Chain

From supply chain channels to final delivery, we are your strategic partners in optimizing efficiencies. Our team offers best practice solutions and valuable introductions to enhance profitability and ensure your products arrive on time.

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Passionate about fashion and textiles we enable businesses of all sizes, whether you are launching or established, to innovate and profitably scale in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

With holistic apparel and textile experience across the end to end merchandising process our experience offered through our services optimise the opportunities within your business.

Our Expertise

Monetising Global Trends to the Australian Apparel Market

Through skill in interpreting and optimising global market trends for the Australian market, CGS excels in crafting product strategies that emphasise value and quality.

Leveraging extensive technical knowledge, CGS specialises in identifying opportunities across all key categories including baby and childrenswear, women’s outerwear and plus sizes, denim, swimwear, activewear, knit essentials, and woven dressing.

Eco-Design and
Ethical Sourcing

We specialise in eco-design and ethical sourcing, leveraging expertise in natural and organic fibers, advanced printing, dyeing, and manufacturing techniques to meet certification criteria.

Our commitment extends to supplier relationship management, ensuring collaborative and successful partnerships for sustainable and responsible practices.

Sustainability Roadmap

At CGS, we specialise in advancing sustainability and circularity within the apparel and textile industry. Our core focus lies in designing products with end-of-life considerations, utilising natural, organic, and recyclable fabrications. With extensive experience, we’ve collaborated closely with both government and private organizations, establishing ourselves as experts in the field. Our commitment extends to promoting sustainability.

Cost efficiencies through Supply Chain and Logistics

Discover cost savings through CGS’s expertise in optimizing supply chains across continents. We specialise in connecting supply and manufacturing diversity, leveraging unique skills without compromising on fashionability.

At CGS, we prioritise bringing product diversity to the forefront while simultaneously optimising cost efficiencies. CGS can assist in transforming your supply chain for enhanced performance and sustainable long-term success.

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