Welcome to Vanessa and Rosita’s Journey

With a collaborative partnership spanning over a decade, Vanessa and Rosita specialize in aligning product-driven strategic growth initiatives, guiding customer-led retailers to surpass sales and profit targets, and attaining sustainable milestones. Their approach is rooted in extensive market analysis, placing the customer at the forefront of every endeavor. By uncovering ultimate value through this customer-centric lens, they consistently achieve market share gains, showcasing a dynamic synergy between strategic foresight, market endeavour, and customer satisfaction.

At our core, we are dedicated solution architects with a profound understanding of the intricate challenges faced by the retail and apparel industry. With a keen focus on holistic problem-solving, we excel in resolving complex issues that hinder innovation and growth. Our extensive expertise spans the entire merchandising spectrum, enabling us to address challenges ranging from product innovation and sourcing diversification to enhancing supply chain efficiencies and implementing sustainable solutions. Through the meticulous implementation of our systemized Product Life Cycle Management process, we not only solve current challenges but also proactively tailor growth models that align with your unique business vision and financial goals.

Vanessa Noy

Buying | Design & Product Development | Forecasting & Growth Strategy | Global Sourcing

A passionate Senior Retail leader with a customer centric focus and proven experience in developing private label brands, interpreting emerging trends to strategic initiatives and delivering relevant product lines that represent quality and value. With a skill set that combines creativity and commercial acumen and a drive for a more conscious approach to the textile industry, Vanessa brings 25 years experience across apparel, swimwear, activewear and accessories buying and product development. Identifying and monetising unforeseen opportunities to deliver KPIs, Vanessa thrives on building respectful and long lasting supplier relationships.

A former Head of Buying with leadership experience and a tertiary education in Fashion Design, Vanessa graduated from The Whitehouse Institute of Design and has completed advanced studies in Tailoring and Garment Manufacturing.

Rosita van Vuuren

Global Sourcing | Ethical Compliance | Quality Assurance| Sustainability | Supply Chain

A Senior Leader with over 30 years experience in the Apparel and Footwear industry, Rosita specialises in international sourcing, supply chain, shipping and logistics, sustainability/ESG and compliance. Rosita prides herself on continually improving business processes, building strong relationships and teams, creating efficiency, and finding sustainable, cost effective solutions to improve the operations of the companies she works for.

Passionate about sustainability, Rosita sits on various sustainability associations and committees along with a place on the Circular Economy Project supported through Sustainability Advantages Impact Challenge.

Rosita graduated from the Australian Institute of Business with an MBA 2017 and completed the Cambridge University’s Prince of Wales Leadership Course on Sustainability in 2019

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