Collaborative Approach with Our Clients

Our expertise spans across large multinational brands encompassing multi-category volume apparel retailers, mid-sized fast fashion brands delivering exceptional value for money and vertical speciality brands. Working in the fast pace of publicly-listed companies and owner-operated brands we leverage our experience of doing less with more to meet cost of doing business parameters while delivering innovation in product while leading with sustainable commitments.

Our team possesses a wealth of expertise tailor-made for diverse enterprises. Our capabilities extend seamlessly across a spectrum of companies, including large multinational brands thriving in the realm of multi-category volume apparel retail. We are equally adept at partnering with mid-sized fast fashion brands, where our focus lies in delivering exceptional value for money, leaving a lasting impact in a competitive market.

Moreover, our team excels in collaborating with vertical specialty brands, applying specialized strategies to address the unique demands of niche markets. In the dynamic spheres of both publicly-listed corporations and nimble owner-operated businesses, we bring a unique approach. Leveraging our experience, we champion the philosophy of doing less with more—meeting stringent cost-of-doing-business parameters while concurrently driving innovation in product offerings. Our commitment extends beyond business efficiency; we lead with sustainable initiatives, ensuring that our partners not only excel in their industry but do so with a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious ethos. At CGS we thrive in the fast pace of varied business environments, offering tailored solutions that seamlessly blend innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

Our Services as Advisors and Consultants

1. Our First Meeting

In this initial phase, we engage with you, either in person or through a video conference, to explore the potential for a collaborative partnership. During this one hour session, we invest time in comprehending your brand, identifying pain points, understanding opportunities, and aligning with the goals of your business. Importantly, this consultation is a non-chargeable session, emphasizing our commitment to understanding your unique needs.

2. Our Proposal

Once we’ve discussed your needs and objectives, you’ll receive a tailored proposal outlining our evaluation, how we plan to work with your business, and the knowledge and expertise we’ll bring to the table. This proposal will also include the timeframe and investment required for our services.

3. The Project

Upon agreement, we kick-start the engagement by onboarding the project team and comprising key stakeholders. We methodically lay out the critical path and reporting stream, defining specific actions and expected outcomes to guarantee a streamlined and efficient process. Our hands-on approach involves diving into the intricacies of your challenges, implementing tailored solutions, and consistently tracking progress. The collaboration yields tangible outcomes, whether it’s resolving immediate pain points while driving milestones and KPIs aligned to the project. This active involvement ensures that our expertise directly translates into measurable success for your business.

We take pride in sharing our expertise and the refined processes we have developed to ensure the successful delivery of financial targets. Our approach is not only professional but also infused with a sense of enjoyment, making the journey towards your business goals a collaborative and rewarding experience.

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