Range Building & Assortment Planning

Range Building

In the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry, the importance of meticulous range building and assortment planning cannot be overstated. At CGS, we understand that crafting a successful product line goes beyond just aesthetics—it’s a strategic blend of art and science. Our dedicated approach to range building encompasses every nuance, from intricately defining silhouettes, selecting premium fabrications, and harmonising a diverse palette of colors and prints. We delve deeper, providing valuable insights into size performance and conducting guiding a comprehensive competitor analysis, ensuring your brand remains both inspirational and aspirational in a crowded market.

Our commitment to meticulous range building extends beyond the surface, recognising that each element contributes to the overall success of your fashion brand. We consider not only the current market trends but also forecast future shifts, allowing your brand to stay ahead of the curve. Our expertise lies in creating a comprehensive product direction that resonates with your target audience while addressing the challenges and opportunities unique to your brand.

Assortment Planning

Assortment Planning serves as a natural extension of the Seasonal Product Plan, playing a pivotal role in translating the strategic vision into a detailed product. Instrumental in aligning a diverse range of product options with the necessary quantities, the CGS process allows the Planning function to accurately forecast and anticipate the demand for the upcoming season. By meticulously curating the assortment to meet customer preferences, market trends, and business objectives, assortment Planning ensures that the right mix of products is available at the right time. Our guide enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to optimising inventory levels, reducing excess stock, and maximising sales opportunities. In essence, our Assortment Planning guide seamlessly integrates with the Seasonal Product Plan, providing a comprehensive framework for product development, merchandising, and forecasting, ultimately driving the success of the seasonal offerings.

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