Trend Forecasting & Seasonal Product Plan

Trend Forecasting

Dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of the global retail market, CGS boasts a team of experts strategically visiting international and emerging markets throughout the year. Our commitment to staying in sync with consumer demands enables us to dissect emerging key silhouettes and design details, shaping the seasonal color palette, defining the print direction, and pinpointing the core, volume, and fashion silhouettes that matter. With boots on the ground in factories across all of Asia, India, and Bangladesh, we are your direct link to the latest in silhouettes and manufacturing innovations, providing the most up-to-date insights for retail success.

Seasonal Product Plan

The CGS Seasonal Product Plan plays a crucial role in shaping the product offerings for a specific season, encompassing core, range capsule ranges, and transeasonal options. This strategic document serves as a commercial roadmap, integrating trend research and insights gleaned from previous seasons’ best sellers. By presenting a comprehensive “shell” in CAD form, it provides transparency across the business, aiding key stakeholders in visualizing proposed options within different categories. This detailed platform serves as a foundation for translating commercial concepts into tangible products, illustrating silhouettes and monthly drop options. The Seasonal Product Plan operates harmoniously with the overall Business Plan, ensuring that financial growth forecasts align seamlessly. By offering top-line visibility into the proposed stock flow on a monthly basis, it facilitates informed decision-making and strategic planning for the business.

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